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i also think that politics play into this, the judges are ready to give fairport 10's when hey walk out on to the mat when other teams actuall have to earn it. so a few falls doesn't change the judges opinions about them they probably just thought it was an off day. it really isn't fair but its how cheer is and always will be,
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Politics really has nothing to do with it. If anything Fairport has to prove themselves more because people expect them to live up to a certain reputation. To say fairport doesn't "earn" what they get is ridiculous. they work just as hard as all the other teams. 6.5 points is A LOT of points off for fairport at greater rochester, i cant remember the last time they had that much off.
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Judges should not reward teams with high scores for things they did not perform well... It doesn't make sense even if theres a points off for perfection of the routine. Were those 8s and 9s just random freebees?

and also, Fairports very lucky with how big of a crowd and how many fans come to their competitions because without them, they wouldn't be half as exciting.
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I agree about fairport's fans!! Totally wouldn't be as exciting without their sea of red in the stands!!

Anyone see Olympia at GRC?? What's going on with them?
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Fairports very lucky with how big of a crowd and how many fans come to their competitions because without them, they wouldn't be half as exciting.[/QUOTE]

This is funny!! First of all I would have loved to have had so many fans cheering us on back when I cheered, and so would everyone else. Anyone who says differently is lying to themselves. Next as for Fairport being "Lucky" they have a big crowd is also funny. I have meet many people from Fairport and talked to them over the past few years and they have such a big crowd because they have loyal fans that come back year after year, tons of alumni etc, again other teams wish they were this "lucky"! And now to say Fairport isnt very good and its the fans that make them win is beyond crazy.

I wasn't able to go to the competition but had a chance to watch the video from a friend who coaches one of those unlucky teams...I thought Athena had a really good routine with solid stunts, but other than the dropped stunts, Fairport had better tumbling, jumps and transitions. I looked at the GRC website and the scores and thats what it reflects. Fairport was given less points for partner stunts plus 3 points off for the drops. Their score for the other elements were higher, which I thought was deserved.

And Finally, if my parent ever sent in a letter to a competition whinning that their team didn't win, I would have killed them!! And as a Mom of a 3 year old girl who I hope chooses to cheer someday, I would never ever do something so pathetic. Yes, cheerleading is subjective, just like gymnastics and ice skating and until someone comes up with another way to judge, your choice is to accept the trained judges decision hold your head high and move on or just not cheer at all!!

Ok now I'm done and good luck to all teams at Victor, Sectionals and any other comps they decide to go to!!
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